Improving the Battery Life of Your Smartphone 

When you want to extend or save battery life on your smartphone, there are a couple of tips you can follow on the internet. However, some of the tips you’ll find scattered online are not realistic. For instance, not all people will turn off data roaming or location settings whenever they require those for important services. 


Today, we are going to share with you some realistic tips on how to improve your smartphone’s battery life, from hiring a phone repair Carolina to lowering the brightness. 

Call a Smartphone Technician 

Not every person utilizes their phones the same. Indeed, we could suggest turning on the airplane mode of your phone whenever you aren’t using it or turning data roaming off whenever you’re in remote locations. However, these tips may not be useful. This depends on how you utilize your Android or iPhone device. You should call an expert that sees and works with various devices and battery life to know what choices you’ve got to improve the battery life of your phone specific to your phone usage and needs.  

Turn On Power-Saving or Battery-Saving Mode 

Whenever your battery drops below 15%, the feature that can save you is the power-saving mode. At first, you might not assume that this feature offers much. However, when turned on, it automatically ends background network use, lowers processor speed, lowers screen resolution, and lowers screen brightness.  

Update Settings or Delete Applications that Drain Power 

A couple of apps utilize a lot more phone power compared to some. For instance, streaming applications drain a lot of power. An easy approach to eliminate power-depleting applications is to uninstall them if you do not need regular use. You should go to settings and see what is stealing all the power of your phone if you utilize all of your apps a couple of times every month. Think about placing individual applications on sleep mode or Force Stop. This will prevent them from running in the background and making your phone’s battery work a lot.  

Turning off notifications for applications that you do not often utilize is another option.  

Utilize Dark Screen Theme or Wallpaper 

Selecting a new screensaver or wallpaper for your phone is great and even more fun if you translate to battery life savings. You will place less use on the battery to light the screen if you choose a dark theme. In addition to that, you can add a comfortable vibe to your home and lock screen. Furthermore, Dark Mode is another helpful feature that can help optimize battery efficiency. It also makes your screen less overwhelming to the eyes during the night.  

Lower Screen Brightness 

This is perhaps the simplest method to improve the battery life of your phone. You’ve got to maintain the brightness of your phone below 70% or less at most times. Over time, full brightness drains power and it also wears down the lifespan of your battery. Typically, a smartphone only requires 100% brightness if you’re outdoors. It’s also easy to adjust the brightness of your phone.